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PopCultureGalaxy has already covered Robert Downey Jr.’s opinion on his potential pending retirement, and now we have a little more fuel for the fire. Perhaps the tears of angry fans can put out this fire? Time will tell, but Gwyneth Paltrow has no problem bursting our collective bubble.

In an interview with Bleeding Cool (some website that’s pretty cool, but it ain’t no PCG!), the part-time Pepper Potts said: “I don’t think there’s going to be (Iron Man 4). I think we’re done with Iron Man.”

In summary, Gwyneth, until further notice, believes that Iron Man 3 will be the final Iron Man film. Robert Downey Jr. (and possibly Gwyneth) will appear in The Avengers 2, but, beyond that, the future is still unwritten.

As we all surely know by now, anything can happen in the Marvel Universe. Would Joss Whedon do the unthinkable (but totally Whedon-esque) and kill the face of The Avengers? Might Tony Stark actually… Die? The main issue appears to be Robert Downey Jr.’s desire to do smaller, or at least different, films, combined with a Roger Murtaugh, “Getting too old for this sh*t” mentality.” A less biblical solution would be for the character to take a senior leadership position in S.H.I.E.L.D., so that he can cameo in a bunch of movies, saving the suit for his role in the ensemble roster of The Avengers, ensuring he will still have plenty of time to make the movies he really wants to make.

Of course, it’s still incredibly likely that Marvel will just park a dump truck full of money in front of RDJ’s house and coax him back into a few more years of guilt-free servitude. For now, let’s just enjoy Iron Man 3 and the rest of Marvel’s Phase Two, and just wait and see what bridges will have to be burned.


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