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MV5BMjAzMTEzNjgxM15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMTI4NDQzNTE@._V1__SX1419_SY816_You surely know by now that “Mad” Max Rockatansky is on the road again—or at least what passes for roads in the almost-total-desert that is near-future-Australia after nuclear war over oil and water has left what we know of Earth in the sort of state that actual Australia was suffering through not long ago as its inhabitants endured a miserably-long-drought (my home state of California is now facing similar problems after four years of substantially-underperforming-rainfall, helped actively by human interference with the environment; ironically, though, the rains came back to Australia in such quantity that when George Miller set out to revive his popular franchise from a few decades ago he couldn’t use his homeland deserts for landscapes because there was now too much foliage everywhere in what had previously been barren territory).  As best I understand it this is no reboot of the original but rather a continuation of what becomes of our titular character … Beyond Thunderdome, only with Tom Hardy in the role rather than Mel Gibson (as to what’s happened to Max in the intervening time, we get little reference here to the content of the earlier movies except  the haunting reality for him about how his family was killed back when the world was first falling apart; Miller’s optimistic that he can get at least one Fury Road prequel financed, though, so whatever we need to know about the backstory horrors of the “kingdom” known as The Citadel will likely find their way to the screen in due time).  As we begin this chapter of the saga, Max has been taken captive as a blood donor for Immortan Joe’s skinhead, death-desiring army, with his fate taking unexpected turns when he encounters Imperator (one explanation I could use is where the scriptwriters came up with these quasi-military titles) Furiosa (Charlize Theron) one of Joe’s commanders gone renegade in an attempt to liberate both herself and Joe’s baby-breeder “wives” from his insane control.  That’s really about all of the plot basics that you need to know for Mad Max: Fury Road, as most of this story is just one violent chase/escape scene after another (although many more details await in my spoiler-filled review if you’re interested), which you’ll either appreciate for their technical (and limited CGI) virtuosity or find yourself a bit exhausted, even bored, from the constantly repetitive actions (box-office results are equally mixed so far, as this movie’s made a good bit of money but not as much as was likely anticipated).

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