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Hans Zimmer has been known throughout the years for not only creating some memorable scores to some of the biggest blockbuster films, but also for retreading some of his sounds for multiple films.  I found an article on /Films that suggest that the Why So Serious? theme for Joker in The Dark Knight could have been inspired by the score of a film from another composer entirely.

The film is called Edith et Marcel, and was composed by Francis Lai.  I provided the video below so you can check it out for yourself.  Upon listening to it, i must say that the sounds are very similar.  I however, don’t think that plagiarism is at play here.  Given Christopher Nolan’s propensity for mind games, I feel it was a collaborative effort on Nolan’s and Zimmer’s part to incorporate some of the sounds of that film to get the attention of film enthusiasts.

The clip also notes that Edith et Marcel was about french singer Edith Piaf, who’s song is incorporated in the score for Chris Nolan’s other film, Inception.  Edith Piaf was also the subject of another biopic called La Vie en Rose starring Marion Cotillard who stars in Inception as well the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises.  Nolan just took full circle to a whole other level.

As a Bonus, here is Edith Piaf in the Inception score:

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  • j moriarty

    That’s just trippy. Great find man. Can’t wait for the Dark knight Rises

  • Mason

    I don’t know how to feel honestly. I loved that joker theme and now it feels kind of tainted. I still love Hans Zimmer score though