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There are a couple of films somewhat available for your consideration if you’re looking for alternatives to such fare as Furious 7, Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2, Home, The Longest Ride, and Get Hard (although the one I want to promote the most, Black Souls, will be the hardest to find as it’s seemingly playing in only 9 theaters nationwide, but I’ll bet it’ll soon be available in some form of video viewing so I actively encourage you to seek it out), the first, Black Souls, being an Italian film (subtitles; deal with it) about conflicts between Mafia clans in southern Italy and the other, True Story, based on the real events involving disgraced ex-New York Times reporter Mike Finkel (Jonah Hill), whose career took a huge dive in 2002 after being fired for fabricating facts in a major story about current-day slavery in Africa but then became notable again as he attached himself to the events concerning Chris Longo (James Franco) and the murders of his wife and three children.  Given what we’ve come to expect of gangster movies you might be surprised at how low-key (yet intense) Black Souls is as two brothers of a specific gang’s leadership find big problems when their nephew takes it upon himself to make trouble for the other local gang, but these events are supposedly also based on facts which had previously been incorporated into a novel.  In the case of True Story the facts are much easier to ascertain, either with an Internet search or by reading my detailed review so it’s your choice if you want to know more or not.  Although this second option is much easier to find, you probably won’t find that it becomes as powerful as it wants you to feel it to be, although it does ask serious questions about journalistic and legalistic ethics that are well worth considering.

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