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Now that Avengers: Age of Ultron has hit a height of over $875 million globally (and still actively climbing, which will surely take it farther up than its current #38 on the All-Time global list) I doubt there’s much I could say about this over-stuffed story that would matter as it’s already been actively seen and discussed so much, but I still invite you to read my detailed review if you like, just to see if you agree with me that 3½ stars of 5 is a fair rating or if you’d go higher or lower.  Certainly there’s plenty of action, a boatload of computer-generated/enhanced special effects, and an intriguing storyline about an Artificial Intelligence entity created by Tony Stark gone horribly wrong (seems it picked up too much of his cynical personality along the way) that should resonate with readers of the comics from which this all originates, but the overall impact for me was just a bit too crowded and frantic which is what you’d expect when you have six main protagonists plus several other characters, some new and some reprising their roles from previous Iron ManThor, and Captain America movies as the Marvel Universe continues to expand to infinity and beyond (Oops, that’s a line from another franchise—but I guess it doesn’t matter too much now that Disney owns all of them), making it even harder to squeeze all of them into the next sequel.  Speaking of Disney, their nature documentary unit also has a new offering, Monkey Kingdom—in acknowledgement of the recently-celebrated Earth Day—showing us how the rigid class structure (no kidding) of these toque macaque primates in Sri Lanka works itself out in the constant internal and external warfare of their forest-based societies (allowing us to better understand why we “superior” humans are still dealing with even more impactful forms of “fight or flight,” as we see in the latest Avengers tale).

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