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When Christopher Nolan was announced as the shepard for the new Man of Steel film, fans wondered which players would be involved behind the scenes, including director and composer.  Well we already know about Zack Snyder being the director, already months into production, but we wondered who will take the job of creating the music for the film.  With Nolan’s involvement, we assume that frequent collaborator Hans Zimmer would be taking up the task.  It’s now confirmed that he will in fact be the films composer which a lot of fans (including myself) are excited for. 

The only question is if he will be incorporating any of John Williams’ iconic score or if we will be creating a hole new sound from the ground up.  As much of a classic Danny Elfman’s score for Batman was, Hans Zimmer’s take was powerful enough to hold it’s own for The Dark Knight Trilogy.  But can Zimmer create a score that can hold up next to Williams’ for Superman?  I personally think he should use Williams’ Superman theme and then create his own music around that.  If he doesn’t use it, it would be like watching a Star Wars or Indiana Jones film without their iconic score.

Either way I’m excited to hear what Han Zimmer’s score will sound like.  Here is a sample of Zimmer’s score for The Dark Knight Rises courtesy of BatmanNews .

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