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Halle Berry is a woman. She’s a very talented woman who played Storm in X-Men and everybody loved every part of her performance, and there was no drama at all, ever.

Just kidding! It’s been well-documented that her relationship with Bryan Singer was somewhat strained, leading to her dropping out of X-Men: The Last Stand, returning only when Singer had been replaced with Brett Ratner. It’s all in the past, so to speak, as we’ve recently learned that Berry will be returning to the role in next year’s Days of Future Past, in which Storm will be rocking a brand new hairstyle.

Yeah, for all the developments in the character, Halle and company were never able to settle on a perfect hairstyle for the character. The accent was promptly dropped after the first film, and the character seemed to age a lot more than her peers in between parts one and two. Sometimes it takes a while to get into the groove, it’s no big deal, right? For whatever reason, however, Storm just couldn’t keep the same hair for more than one film in a row.



The hairstyle that started it all, Halle’s a little unrecognizable, since she’s almost always been recognized as sexiest with short hair. I suppose the complaint was simply that it looked way too fake, an obvious wig, and it was not long of this world, as the first sequel would enhance and improve upon it in every way.

X2: X-Men United


I’m a fan of this look, I love the feathers, the asymmetrical bangs, and the way it shapes her face. Further, it’s not totally white, but rather a very light platinum, if Billy Idol was a beautiful mulatto woman. It was good enough for me, but it was not good enough for Halle, for in the next sequel, in which Storm takes a strong leadership position within the X-Men team, she also got a brand new haircut, again.

X-Men: The Last Stand


Hey, check out this sexy thing! Yeah, this is Halle’s look in X-Men 3, and is probably the most recognizable. It’s long enough to be a little glam, but short enough to be combat ready. I’m not an expert, but I’d definitely call this “do-me hair,” what with the bangs, the feathers, and the unkempt style. Sexy Storm is nice, a little confident, a little loose, but it ultimately doesn’t shout age, wisdom, and leadership. And in her next appearance, Storm will have to showcase all of these traits, and the only way to do this, in addition to acting, is with a new haircut.

X-Men: Days of Future Past


Wait a second… You know who has pretty hair? Halle Berry. Why outfit her character with increasingly exotic wigs when you can just dye her hair white (or give her a wig which looks just like her regular hair; I’m not sure which is the case here)? Storm’s hair in this film looks to be the most combat-ready of them all, but with enough cockatoo action up top to still be a little glamorous and sexy. Halle Berry is a gorgeous lady, and the decision to use her regular hair, showing off her perfect facial features, is looking so far to be the right decision.

What’s your favorite hairstyle for Storm? I’m calling a draw between X-Men United and Days of Future Past, but I’m sure Halle’s hair was the only part of The Last Stand that some fans will claim to have enjoyed. Yeah, it’s somewhat of a polarizing film.

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  • Claire Connors

    I vote for the X-Men 3 hairstyle. It’s a definite “do me” do.

    • Mark Bridge

      Yea, I think it’s the best one as well. Not digging the “Days of Future Past” look though.