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When I looked over the wall of comics at The Spiders Web, my local comic book store, I noticed this book and right away I was intrigued. GhostBusters is a fun, quirky, classic movie that almost everybody loves, and it was amazing to see the name continued in a comic published by IDW. Written by Erik Burnham (TMNT, A-Team) and with art by Dan Schoening (DC Superheroes), this series really captures the heart of the GhostBusters name with wonderful storytelling and a fitting art style.

The book starts off with Ray Stantz having a cup of coffee with Jenny Moran, a former Ghost Smasher. Ray is looking back on recently being transported past the dimensional curtain and into a sucking void with the other the main members of the GhostBusters. Ray, along with everyone else, especially Winston Zeddemore, have a tough time talking about it throughout the comic. It had them thinking they’d never see home again and die in another dimension. Peter Venkman, and spare GhostBuster Kylie Griffin, are on a side gig hunting down a ghost train and its engineer. They bag him with style (and a bazooka). Meanwhile, Walter Peck is having some trouble with the GhostBusters brand and merchandising due to the surprising return of the Ghostbusters from their forced field trip to another dimension. The book is pretty much the team taking care of business now that they’re back, but things start getting spooky when Janine Melnitz starts oozing yellow ectoplasm from her eyes while trying to watch a movie with her boyfriend. Her boyfriend Roger rushes to see Egon Spengler for help, and Egon drops a Gris-Gris Bag (voodoo talisman) on her head to try and get more data to work with, and the book ends with three yellow ghosts standing behind them, unnoticed. They look sort of like Vikings, one of them looking a lot like Odin. I could only imagine that the next issue will be nothing short of a chaotic Ragnorok.


Now the art style for this book is very cartoony and looks like it would be an animated series on The Hub which I think is very fitting for this book. GhostBusters deals with funny, very eccentric characters and has a whole multidimensional feel to it that make this art style so perfect for a series like this. Though people may look at Dan Schoening’s art style and think “childish”, reading the book and seeing the quirky cartoon looking art sort of makes me imagine it animated and even hear music playing in my head as characters say and do crazy things. It really helps weave the story together well and breathes life back into the characters we know and love. If your a fan of the movies, you’ll definitely enjoy this series.

Special thanks to the Spiders Web comic book store, located at 887A Yonkers Avenue, Yonkers, NY. It’s an amazing store run by an amazing guy who provides me with the books I need, for the reviews you want. Be sure to like it on Facebook And check back for more comic reviews.

Rating: ★★★☆☆ Good

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