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Christopher Nolan, the man who brought Batman back from the brink of Clooney, made Leonardo DiCaprio an action hero, and made us believe David Bowie was Nikola Tesla, may have a degree of involvement with the next James Bond movie, The Daily Mail reports.

This, of course, is just rumor, but their scoop is that Nerd Moses has met with producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson, and that is all. He is not officially writing, directing, or producing. The director has made it clear that he is a huge Bond fan (Inception takes a few cues from On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, and Batman Begins features a cameo by three-time Bond veteran Shane Rimmer), so the event may be nothing more than a small-talk-laden meeting of the minds.

Would you guys like to see Christopher Nolan direct a 007 film? Personally, after the Nolan-influenced Skyfall, I’m looking forward to a lighter, classic Bond adventure. If I could pick a director, my first choice would be Duncan Jones, though, to be fair, he’d be my first choice for almost any film. I’d also settle for JJ Abrams or a more old-school adventurer, Robert Zemeckis. I just think Bond is ready to take a break from the melodrama and have some fun.

Bond 24 has yet to receive a release date, but they’ll get around to it before too long. Check out PopCultureGalaxy’s review of Skyfall here, and stay tuned for more news right here.

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