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It’s hard to imagine how director Joss Wheddon could have made The Avengers better (other than making it 3 hrs instead of 2 and a half).  The film had the right tone, the right look and the right structure of scenes.  The DVD/Bluray will be released with deleted scenes, and one such scene will be an alternate opening.  The scene is a lot more gloomy than the original. Spoilers Ahead.

It opens with the aftermath of the Alien attack in third act of the film.  It gives the impression that The Avengers Initiative that Nick Fury (Samuel L Jackson) was so passionate in starting has failed.  This is more apparent with a debriefing scene with Maria Hill (Cobie Smolders).

Although they way the film opened was perfect in its own way, it would have been interesting to see the film begin with this as along as it was accompanied by the other deleted scenes where Maria Hill constantly questions Fury’s choices.  Which opening do you guys prefer?

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