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Tomb Raiders creative director Noah Hughes spoke with IGN and revealed their planned direction for further games in the series.  The new Tomb Raider coming out will be the first game in the series of her origin.

Hughes had this to say about it: “We envision carrying forward from here, rather than this being a brief detour into her origins… We want to start this adventure here and carry it on… that’s not to say we wouldn’t skip a year here or there, but we started this with the idea of continuity and building upon [it].”

When I first heard about this new direction, I wondered if they were erasing the past games.  Does this Lara Croft grow up to be the buxom, duel pistol wielding, acrobat that we saw in those games?  Or does she end up more of a realistic ‘tomb raider’ akin to Nathan Drake from the Uncharted Series?

Hughes further added: “I look at this as an origin series rather than an origin story. By the end of [this first game] we will have a competent adventurer, but I still want there to be anticipation about Lara becoming the full-on Tomb Raider, and through all of that hopefully retaining some of the complexity and humanity that we’ve established here.”

If the game ends up being great then you will get no complaints from me with this new take on Lara.  Tomb Raider will be in stores on March 5, 2013 for the X-Box 360, PS3 and PC.  Check out the full interview here.


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