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Capcom unleashed the second trailer for Resident Evil 6 at Captivate 2012 that offers a bit more information as well as raise more questions.  So far we know that the game will have three playable stories with co-op play for each.  The three main characters are Leon Kennedy, Chris Redfield and new comer to the series, Jake Muller.  It is revealed in this trailer that Jake Muller is none other than the son of series baddie Albert Wesker.  The games main story has to do with an outbreak of the C-virus, an upgrade of the T-virus featured in the early entries in the series.

Each main character will have a sidekick to accompany them.  US government agent Helena Harper is paired with Leon Kennedy, Chris Redfield teams up with fellow BSAA member Piers Nivans and Jake Muller is joined by Sherry Birkin, daughter of former key Umbrella scientists, William and Annette.  Sherry Birkin made her fist appearance in the series with Resident Evil 2.  She was much younger in that game.  Ada Wong also makes an appearance.  The question is, is she the villain behind the C-virus or is there a misunderstanding.  From Chris’ point of view she is down and dirty evil and from Leon’s perspective, she is an important witness that needs protecting.

Capcom has stated that they intend to move the series somewhat back to its survival horror roots.  Resident Evil 5, although being the best selling of the series, is also the least scariest.  It went in a more action oriented direction which fans of the series found disappointing.  From the trailer it seems action is still prevalent but we may see something more akin to the originals when the game reaches stores on Oct. 2, 6 weeks earlier than its original release date.

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