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It is a crazy world we live in where anything can happen.  As we look back at the beginning of this generation of consoles which is about to come to a close, we see the blunders that Sony brought on themselves with the release of the Playstation 3.  We see the X-Box 360 becoming the number one console for the core gaming experience, and we feel sad at how the mighty Sony has fallen after the Playstation 2 became the best selling console of all time.  Now as we approach the new generation, we see the exact reverse happening as Sony has staked its claim on the gaming market by announcing the Playstation 4 for the core gaming experience, while Microsoft has lost their way by announcing the X-Box One with features no one really wants.  Add to that the fact that it costs $100 more that the PS4, and gamers have now placed their cash down on the console they want this holiday.


Clearly the gamers have spoken as GameStop announced that pre-orders for the PS4 has sold out.  They have provided a statement to GameInformer that reads, “Due to high demand for the system, GameStop is not currently taking additional store reservations for the PlayStation 4.”

I won’t jump to the conclusion that based on pre-order sales, Sony has won the next gen war already, but it is hard to imagine what Microsoft can do at this point to come back from their PR nightmare of a X-Box One reveal.  I myself have already pre-ordered a PS4, though not at GameStop.  The console has everything gamers want and more.  Not to mention the exclusives that were announced, and the one not yet announced.  I’m looking at you Naughty Dog.

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