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Imagine getting to play triple A titles for free.  Sound too good to be true right?  Well that is exactly what Square Enix plans on doing with some of their titles.  The first two titles on the docket are Hitman: Blood Money and Mini ninjas.  However, there is a catch to playing these games.   First you will be required to use Google Chrome (No Biggie), and you will have to watch an ad for every 20 minutes of game time (sounds do-able).  Ads will also appear in loading screens.

This new service from square will called Core Online and your system requirements will be Windows XP (or higher) , a Pentium 4 1.5 GHz or faster, and a video card that supports DirectX 9.0.  Obviously if you want to play the game without ads you can always purchase the game or purchase just the levels.

This to me, is a genius idea to get people to play your game for free and still earn revenue.  While they only have the two games so far as free to play, Square Enix is expected to bring more games to this new platform.  If this proves a success for Square, how many top tier developers will adopt this new distribution system?  What do you guys think of the Core Online idea.

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