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Now I play a lot of Pathfinder. Two different groups, two different types of games, and I love the game. Though the Game Master makes up some the stories and some already printed, there are comics as well. Pathfinder Goblins is right up my alley. I love Orcs and Goblins, whenever I have the choice to be one of the two in a role playing game, I jump right on it. So if you love Goblins as much as I do, you’ll love this book.

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This book contains two different stories. This review goes in order with the book.

“The one-eyed Goblin is king”: Okay, stop me if you’ve heard this one – Three adventurers walk out of a cave, holding and magical item. And what happens next? Killed by Goblins. Written by Adam Warren (The Dirty Pair) with art by Carlos Gomez, this story story is so enjoyable, not only because of the way these Goblins talk, but how dumb they are. After retrieving this magical item and discover that it’s actually the “Other eye of the Arch-Lich Kalzaroth”, they begin to fight over it. Now to truly enjoy a Goblin fight, you have to know what they say to each other. It’s the most hilarious, uneducated, Yoda-like speak I’ve ever read. But the comedy doesn’t last that long. This was a fun story, and it’s hinted that it will be used later on in other issues.

The art by Carlos Gomez is perfect. It’s dramatic and cartoon, yet very detailed. Just how Goblins should be drawn. Gomez doesn’t miss a beat. Everything about the artwork was great.

Prize Pupil: Now this, is a Goblin story. Written by Paizo Publisher Erik Mona with art by Shane White, this is the story of one Goblin, and his rise to intelligence. Narrator of the story, Gribbet is a Goblin that is part of a Reformarium, run by a human he calls the Cyclops. The name referring to the magical Monocle that the human wears, which allows anyone to comprehend any written language. The Reformarium is a school for teaching Goblins etiquette, and, you guessed it, Gribbet is the Prize Pupil. Having learned more, and used the magical monocle himself, Gribbet steals the monocle away every night to read, and enhance his intellect. When he finally does, he shares it with the other Goblins, and eventually, takes over the business of the Reformarium as a means to make money. There are two reasons why I loved this: One – it was great to see a Goblin be something other than an idiotic henchmen. Gribbet’s growth as an intellectual Goblin made me like that character even more. And Two – the back of the book comes with a backstory AND a character sheet for Gribbet. So if you ever wanted to incorporate Gribbet into your game as a GM, then everything you’d need is right there in the book. I think that was an amazing idea.

The art worked amazingly in the progression of the book. Shane White showed Gribbet’s rise to intelligence perfectly, as well as making him look cool, for a Goblin in a suit.

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Rating: ★★★★☆ Great

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