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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will see the conclusion to the Lightning saga that began in Final Fantasy XIII and continued in XIII-2.  But why isn’t the third game called XIII-3?  Director Motomu Toriyama, producer Yoshinori Kitase, lead designer Yujii Abe and art director Isamu Kamikokuryou sat down with 4Gamer to answer this question as well as talk about the game mechanics.

The team believes the entry is unique enough to warrant a different name, “as calling it XIII-3 might give the impression that it would be a direct evolution of Final Fantasy XIII-2.” Kitase referred to the game as “a new experience.”  Toriyama explained that Lightning Returns will be “world-driven,” as opposed to the “story-driven” Final Fantasy XIII and “player-driven” XIII-2. The idea of a “world-driven” game is “to put the player in a world that is constantly shifting and changing — one that doesn’t necessarily revolve around the player.”

The player will be able to manage time in the world through Lightning as her actions slowly impact the ticking clock that counts down the end of the world. By defeating a monster or performing a miracle, Lightning will either slow down or speed up the passage of time.

I’ve yet to finish part two but with the game coming out spring of 2013, I think I have enough time to complete the game.


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