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The complex sci-fi/historical series is said to conclude in Assassin’s Creed 3 coming out in October of this year, but mum has been the word on who the main character would be as well as what would be the setting this time around.  The fist game featured Altair and took place in middle east, the second as well as Brotherhood and Revelation featured Ezio Auditore and now courtesy of Kotaku, we may be looking at the new protagonist.

It looks like he may be of Native American decent and the setting looks to be during the American Revolution.  This seems like an intriguing concept so i will keep my eye out for this one.  I have two concerns, 1)  Were there any tall infrastructures during that time for our guy to climb (I’m not too versed in history so there could have been)?  2)  How will the mechanics of the game differ than that of its predecessor?  The engine that the game uses is 5 years old now.  Will they change or vastly improve upon the current engine?

There will be a major announcement from Ubisoft coming on Monday.  Check out the photo below.

Update:  We now have the Box Art for the X-Box 360 version of the game.

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