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Activision is home to the reigning champion of video game shooters, Call of Duty.  They release an installment every year with two studios handling development on the games.  The Modern Warfare series was developed by Infinity Ward, while Treyarch handled World at War and the Black Ops series.  This fall, Infinity Ward will break from the norm and deliver a brand new entry entitled Call of Duty: Ghosts for next gen consoles.  The biggest draw of the Call of Duty games is the multiplayer, which consumes hours upon hours of gamers time.  A new trailer for Ghosts’ multiplayer has arrived and man does it look like a ton of fun.  The Eminem track that accompanies the clip is pretty awesome as well.

An interesting addition to the multiplayer is the ability to play as a female.  A first for the series.  This has brought on a bit of a controversy in that we see a woman getting knifed.  This game will definitely be a test to see if mass consumers are ready for such sights.  They are female characters in the multiplayer for Gears of War 3 and The last of Us, but as big as those games are, they aren’t the massive hit that Call of Duty is.  What I can definitely predict is, there will be a lot of female gamers who play COD who will choose to play as female characters, and there probably will be a lot more trolling because of that.

Call of Duty: Ghosts will be released for Playstation 4, PC and X-Box One on November 5th.


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