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Game Informer’s new cover has been revealed; those guys get all the great scoops!


Batman’s latest PS3/360 adventure will be a prequel and will not be developed by series architects Rocksteady, but don’t be deterred- Origins will run on the same modified Unreal Engine 3 which powered its critically adored predecessors.

The plot will involve a younger Batman taking on an assembly of assassins who team up to take him down on Christmas Eve. Among the villainous crew are Black Mask and Deadpo- err- Deathstroke, and I’m sure the new team at WB Montreal, led by Eric Holmes, lead designer of The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction and Prototype, will have plenty of surprises in store for fans of the series.


Of course, this could all just be a quick cash grab, squeezing every last dollar from consumers before they buy PS4s and Xbox 720s, but the optimistic question being raised is, “What’s Rocksteady doing?” After turning Batman, a sad punchline in the world of videogames, into one of the most critically acclaimed franchises in the modern era, it’s not hard to imagine them hard at work on a next-gen continuation of the series, especially given the open-ended nature of Arkham City’s ending.

Regardless of what Arkham Origins will add to the comic book soap opera that is the Batman: Arkham series, I can’t wait to engage in some of that righteous and addicting free-flow combat! For the record, my pick for a new Batman game would be set in the Gotham of the 1960’s television series, while retaining the awesome, award-winning gameplay of the current titles, or an adaptation of The Dark Knight Returns, but starring Adam West. C’mon, you know that would be awesome!


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