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For well over 5 years now, gaming news has been incredibly limited to niche genres and online developments. The app market has exploded to dominate the gaming industry in general.  At the iTunes app store, the Google Play store, etc., there are dozens of games that have been downloaded by millions of users.  Online gambling has expanded to dominate a certain aspect of the video game industry. At, for example, you can enjoy traditional poker and a range of original arcade options that involve real money gambling.  The same old console franchises have come out with annual new versions, which makes for some excitement – but on the same old consoles, there’s only so much new the games can offer.

And those are the types of developments we’ve gotten used to. Each can be exciting for a certain type of gamer, but none matches the thrill of a massive, brand new game on a capable console. Fortunately, with Xbox One and Playstation 4 set to come out later this year, all this is about to change. We’re about to get some truly massive new games, and whether they’re sequels in existing franchises or completely new options, the new consoles should keep them fresh and interesting. Here are 5 in particular that look absolutely stunning.



This PS4-exclusive is a totally new style of racing game built on community. The main perk is that you’ll be able to organize huge tournaments and competitions through a 24/7 online multiplayer.



CVG describes this Xbox exclusive as looking like a Call of Duty game, with mechs. Indeed, the graphics, gameplay, general visuals, and shooting all look somewhat familiar to CoD players, but the massive capability of the Xbox One, combined with additional player modes using mechs, should make this its own spectacular shooter.

The Order: 1886


From Santa Monica Studios, this game looks like a fantastic historical fiction adventure concept. Welcome to Victorian London during the industrial revolution, where your task will be to use the technology and weaponry of the time to battle advanced supernatural enemies in a unique take on historical fiction. Real historical figures will appear, in truly “Assassin’s Creed” fashion.

Halo 5


This game received only a brief and vague trailer at this year’s E3 event, and given that it’s not expected until early 2014 at best, there’s time yet before we know details. But the visuals look stunning, and the early tease seems to imply something we all ought to know anyway: Microsoft won’t be messing around with its flagship franchise’s first foray into Xbox One.

Grand Theft Auto V


Finally, there’s GTA V, which looks beyond massive. The boys at Rockstar are back with their biggest world yet (supposedly larger than San Andreas and GTA III combined), a bundle of new activities and capabilities, and the broadest story concept yet.

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