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My brother is my roommate and my partner. We’re kind of like Jay and Silent Bob. Which of us is which? Don’t worry about that. I love playing co-op games, at least when I can get him to join me on the couch. He’s so busy he won’t play a game unless it meets his exacting standards, and this contrasts greatly to my philosophy of playing as many games as possible multiple times. He doesn’t want to waste his time, which is reasonable, but I really want to play these games!

Here’s PopCultureGalaxy’s Top 5 games my brother won’t play with me:


5- Army of Two: The 40th Day/The Devil’s Cartel

I really like the Army of Two series… Or, at least, I think I do. I played through a chunk of the original 2008 game, and it was awful, but then I played through a large chunk of the second game and I loved it! The only problem was, I couldn’t get a multiplayer partner to stick around.

Calvin and I played through maybe the first third of the game before he went off and continued his life. He found it a fun way to kill some time but had no desire to return to Shanghai for some bro-tastic antics. Firestone and I played through the first chapter but he had just been burned out on our attempt to play the horrible first game so he was done. Even Ariel, the bro-iest of all my friends, was able to get through the first half of the game with me, but then he went back to playing FIFA and Call of Duty, so he’s out.

Every time my brother, Jason, and I float games to play, the first one I pick is 40th Day, followed by The Devil’s Cartel (at this point, I don’t even care about playing them out of order), but every time, we wind up playing Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix.


4- Dead Space 3

Both Jason and I love Dead Space. I’m not usually one for survival horror (I get too scared. It’s quite embarrassing), but he eats it up. This fearless punk rocker saw Salo, so he doesn’t get scared anymore. Dead Space 1? Loved it. In fact, I fell in love with it so hard, I beat it multiple times to get that platinum trophy. Dead Space 2? Liked it a whole bunch. It felt more like a difficult expansion pack to the first game, so I only beat it once, but had a lot of fun, as did my bruddah.

But when it came to Dead Space 3, he said no. He didn’t like the perceived action focus, an approach which made his Resident Evil 6 adventure a lot less enjoyable than mine was. He had started playing the game by himself, but quit early on because he lost interest, and had no intention to restart with me as his co-op buddy. I’m not going to play the game by myself, so I guess I’ll have to wait until I can trick some poor sucker into staying at the house for a weekend. C’est la vie.


3- Dead Island

Dead Island is rare on this list in that I actually played through the game by myself. Back then, we only had one television and there was no chance of playing this online-only title with my local partner-in-crime. Now that we have two telvisions and a Playstation Now subscription, however, there’s nothing stopping us from taking down zombies at Yelp’s least favorite island resort… Except Jason doesn’t care. And this time, for the life of me, I don’t know why. In fact, when we first got PS Now, we played through the first hour or so of the game just to see if all the PS Now systems worked correctly. They did, beautifully. It seemed like he was having a lot of fun, but when the time came he said he just didn’t want to play the game again. Why? Because of the most classic of little brother reasons, “I just don’t want to.” I suspect he just didn’t want to start a massive, 40-hour RPG again. He likes to tackle those things solo, generally.


2-Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days

Ok, this one is tricky for me. Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days is not a good game, though it is, at least, better than its predecessor. The gunplay is a little too loose to reliably get “in the zone,” the graphics are bad, even with the whole “Youtube video” gimmick covering up the rough edges, and the first few levels are boring and the whole game is pretty repetitive. However, the narrative has such a great momentum to it, it’s the videogame equivalent of a page-turner, and its short runtime means that a good team can blow through it in just a couple of sittings. Being able to follow Kane and Lynch as their lives fall apart in Shanghai and the tension mounts to Michael Mann levels of dread is a sight to behold, absolutely worth the price of admission, and playing with a friend really mitigates the various failings in other aspects of the game. I firmly believe that there are no games that aren’t fun in co-op. It’s a belief I will stand by to the end. Army of Two was awful, but I still look back fondly on my brief time with the game because of how much fun it was to suffer with a friend. I played through Kane & Lynch 2 by myself years ago, but I’m ready to give it another go. Just waiting for my partner to come around.


1- Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light / The Temple of Osiris

It’s Tomb Raider. Not just any Tomb Raider, but my favorite version of the character, the “Tomb Raider Legend” style. It’s a smaller, isometric adventure about shooting creatures and solving puzzles. And it’s co-op! Except Jason couldn’t care less even if he tried. He even tried to care less, but told me he has never cared less about anything than he does about playing Guardian of Light with me. And then there’s the sequel, Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris, in which the player count is boosted up to four. I’d settle for two, but I really don’t want to play alone if there’s an option to play with friends. Surely you understand.


So, PopCultureGalaxy, are there any other great co-op multiplayer games I should try and beg my brother to play with me? Maybe you have some advice on how I can get him to finally play Army of Two or Dead Space 3? Make your voice heard in the comments below. Or don’t, see what I care.

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