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The biggest Wolverine event in years has finally arrived: Killable starts here with issue #8.

Written by: Paul Cornell
Art by: Alan Davis

Recently, Wolverine was infected by a mind controlling villain, and after they triggered the process they had warned him about, he realized that he had no had no healing factor. Now in his recent story arc Killable, Wolverine and a team consisting of Nick Fury, Storm, and Dr. Victoria Frankenstein, must go to Wakanda to retrieve a bio-terrorist named The Host who’s being held there on trumped-up charges who S.H.I.E.L.D needs to destroy a micro-verse virus infecting humans. Wolverine believes that doing so will cure his loss of healing factor. Though he’s not exactly welcome into Wakanda after Black Panther found out that his ex-wife Storm hooked up with Wolverine, which Wolverine uses to do his part of this mission: distract Black Panther, bot taking the chance that he might be infected, and because of Wakandan law. Wolverine pushes Black Panther’s emotions to keep him distracted and to see where his trust lies, but it seems like Black Panther is doing the same thing, saying he’s only trying to prove himself because he’s mortal now says he’s trying “To prove you can still go and confront the nasty man who said bad things about your girl”, and then proceeds to tempt his newfound mortality.

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A lot of people do not like this “no healing factor” business, especially long time Wolverine fans. The Wolverine movie recently released around the time of Wolverine issue #6 when this took place, so it’s clear that they did this only to go along with the movie, which is a good way to gain new reader who only watch the movies. But it is a slap in the face to those fans who were committed to Wolverine all these years. I on the other hand think it’s necessary. A character that’s immortal needs to have a story arc every so often where they are mortal, to keep a power balance. And since Marvel Now is doing it quite early and getting out of the way, I welcome it. It’s always interesting to see Logan, instead of the Wolverine, which he describes to Black Panther when he says “You only see the Wolverine, then the Wolverine’s all you get” . When Black Panther responds saying he sees a scared, desperate Fake, Wolverine loses it. Now from this point, the story does progress further and starts to come together, and I don’t want to reveal that. Also, there’s a big reveal on the last page, furthering Wolverine and Storm’s problems. Now Wolverine has to deal with a big threat, without his healing factor, making his fighting style a little harder to pull off. In Savage Wolverine #7, Wolverine explains that he’s no good in a fight, but something that takes over, is. Wolverine would no doubt act the same, but would a savage Wolverine forget that he can’t heal, putting himself and his friends in danger? Well just have to see. Paul Cornell is a fantastic writer, having written several novels and comics, and most notably, episodes of Doctor Who. Having written one of my favorite episodes of Doctor Who, “Fathers day” with Christopher Eccleston as the ninth Doctor, who is also my favorite Doctor, i trust Cornell’s movement with Wolverine. Cornell’s Wolverine, though bothering some long time fans, does deliver an interesting story, and an interesting Wolverine.

I do love the art of this book. Alan Davis draws a great Wolverine. There is a panel where he looks just stocky and savage, with a wry smile on his face, and it just a really great panel. Also, Black Panther looks great as well. There’s rarely expression shown on Black Panthers face, unless he’s appearing as T’challa, but Davis’ well done shading gives us a great looking Black Panther who’s emotion bleeds through his mask. There’s a panel where Black Panther does a sinister type smile, but instead of his mask, it’s just a shadow of that looks like The Grinch’s smile. Davis belongs on Wolverine, it’s a pleasure, especially if the healing factor story is pissing you off. But don’t worry, Paul Cornell and Alan Davis have the potential to deliver one of the best Wolverine story lines in years.

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Rating: ★★★★☆ Great

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