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I’m always interested in touchy subjects. People don’t talk about Religion, Politics, or strong personal views historical events. I read all matter of material, be it offensive, blasphemous, or just down right evil, and a comic book about Hitler having Super Soldiers? Well I just couldn’t help myself.


Written by Kieron Gillen (Phonogram, Iron Man), with art by Cannan White, Über is the story of the Nazi army on the edge of defeat, but retaliate with enhanced humans called the Panzermensch. In this issue, a British spy named Stephanie escapes from Germany to report back to her superiors what she has found out about the Panzermensch. It’s a crystalline compound that needs to ferment in order to be of any effect. Stephanie destroyed the vats of the compound, leaving Hitler and the Nazi army with only what they stockpiled. Her superiors plan to use it for themselves. Elsewhere, Sankt reports to Hitler about Stephanie’s escape, and as tension rises, Sankt questions Hitlers better judgement, saying that He’d be a better a “better German” for Germany. Hitler brings in his own Panzermensch and shows him otherwise. As Stephanie prepares Britains own first Tank-Hun, Guderian plans for an attack on Belgium, and Hitler sets sights on Paris. Overall, this was a good comic, there’s one whole scene when Hitler is just badass as all hell, and I loved it.

The art by Caanan White is very fitting. I would imagine capturing the imagery of this war and the much feared Nazis would be a little difficult to portray the right way, but White does a great job, especially with the blood and guts that fly all over the pages. The dark shading and, destructive background images and the over the top facial expressions, especially when Hitler screams, are very well done. You like war and Nazis? Get this book.

Special thanks to The Spiders Web comic book store, located at 887A Yonkers Avenue, Yonkers, NY. It’s an amazing store run by an amazing guy who provides me with the books I need, for the reviews you want. Be sure to like it on Facebook and check back for more comic reviews.

Rating: ★★★☆☆ Good

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