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I don’t what it is, but Swamp Thing always seems to be interesting. Sure, Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing and his story Anatomy, was in fact a work of pure literature, and should be included I’m school reading. But the character himself has something about him that resonates great storytelling. And issue #23 of the New 52 Swamp Thing is no different.

Written by Charles Soule, with art by Kano and David Lapham, John Constantine tightens his hold on a town in Scotland, thanks to the Seeder and his “Whiskey Tree”. Swamp thing, weakened by Constantine’s spell, makes his way to escaping the prison cell he’s being held in. The description of how it feels to use is powers at such a low strength, actually made me feel it. Swamp Thing describes it as “Prying my kneecap off with a Spoon”. After he escapes, the deranged townsfolk hunt him down and try to burn him. The narrative in this book, especially around the burning scene is jut fantastic. It goes into such detail, like a Batman story, just a little more poetic. I enjoyed reading this, which these days gets sort of scarce. It’s a little hard to find a good book that’s not just action and a big named title, but wonderfully written as well. But you don’t have to look far with Swamp Thing.

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The art by Kano and David Lapham is fantastic. Swamp thing looks amazing, though he’s in a lesser form than usual. It really shows how Swamp Things body works, and it’s composition. This books art is super well done, in the fact that the background art compliments the foreground and character art so well. This book is beautiful, aesthetically and poetically.

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Rating: ★★★★½ Great

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