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I’ve been waiting for this, for way too long. Spider-man is my favorite character. But not just Peter Parker, but the very entity of Spider-man. So when Doc Ock became the new Spider-man, I was totally down for it. And when Miles Morales was announced, as well as Kaine as Scarlet Spider, I couldn’t wait for this new age of Spider-men to unfold. But what was missing? Miguel O’Hara of course! But thanks to Dan Slott, Spider-Man 2099 (Created by Peter David and Rick Leonardi) comes back, with some surprising news!



Writer: Dan Slott
Penciler: Ryan Stegman
Price: $3.99

Right away, Dan Slott jumps right into what everyone wanted to see, Spider-man 2099 in action. It was such a great feeling to see Nueva York and Miguel in the current world of comics, especially under then pencil of Ryan Stegman. Of course, any one who knows about Spider-man 2099 can guess that right away, something has ruined time and Miguel has to fix it. It feels like Dan Slott has been building this since the Spider Island storyline. The characters involved as well as some elements of the story imply that. This is actually a book that I can’t go too into detail about, given that it had A LOT of spoilers. Dan Slott is really taking the Spider-man 2099 mythos to a new level, stringing things together that I would have never guessed, but make perfect sense. What I will tell you is that, while Miguel is on a mission to fix time and save his universe, Octavius is on a mission to save Horizon Labs. The very essence of Spider-man is at steak for both heroes. What Slott does with today’s Marvel Universe, and how he uses it to explain just how and why Alchemax and Spider-man 2099 exists, is just genius. It’s always tough to guess what’s going on in Slott’s Superior Spider-man, which great because it makes every issue worth while. Since this age of Superior started, the “Spider” has been spreading throughout the Marvel Universe. Not too long ago it was just Amazing Spider-man and Ultimate Spider-man. With the emergence of new Spider titles, I’m really hoping this is a sign that Miguel might be coming back to comics. DC has the Beyond Universe, which is doing very well. I think the 2099 Universe deserves a comeback, if not, at least a Spider-man 2099 return. No doubt Slott is gonna give popularity back to the character, this issue really makes him appealing, especially to those who don’t really know about Miguel. Personally, this has honesty been one of the best issues from any Marvel book in a long time. Marvel is just pumping out these events, but I’m only really concerned with this story arc right here. I can honestly tell you, if you love Spidey 2099, you live him more here. And if you don’t really know about him, Dan Slott plays Cupid well, bringing in new love for this classic character.


Ryan Stegman’s work of The Superior Spider-man had been nothing but amazing since issue #1. When I heard that Stegman was going to be handling Spider-man 2099’s return, I was excited because he draws a fantastic Spider-man. I would’ve liked to see a Humberto Ramos Spidey 2099. Ever since the video game Spider-man: Edge of Time, I’ve always thought of Spidey 2099 as a sleek, well toned character, which is Ramos’ style. Aside from that, the issue isn’t only an amazing story, but it’s a work of artistic genius as well. The characters look fantastic. There are a bunch of surprises in this issue, so the characters expressions are really important, and Stegman goes all out. He did a great job with Miguel and Nueva York. Stegman would do fantastic on a rebooted Spider-man 2099 series. The cover is another piece of art that can’t go unmentioned. It’s actually one of my favorite Spider-man covers. I was a little surprised Marvel didn’t call in Rick Leonardi to do a variant cover, but nonetheless this issue was just as fantastically illustrated as it was written.

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Rating: ★★★★★ Excellent

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