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“The Origin of the Spawn Costume Begins Here”. That’s the catchy subtitle at the top of the book. Now I’ve just recently got into spawn, but I know what’s happening with our new Spawn, Jim Downing. Well, at least I Thought I did. After Al Simmons kills himself, Jim Downing wakes up with not only the power to heal somebody with a touch, but with Al’s Spawn Symbiote as well. This makes Jim the First living host of a Symbiote. With no memory of who he is, Jim battles the life of a misunderstood messiah, and also battles for control of his body and soul with the Symbiote. And that battle, truly starts here.


Celebrity Savior Part 5. Written by the man himself, Todd McFarlane (creator of Spawn) with art by Szymon Kudranski (Batman: The Dark Knight), this issue begins with some religious freak who looks like Doctor Doom torturing a man that Jim Downing saved back in issues #203-4, looking for the Dark Power Jim used to heal him. Then it cuts to downing waking up in the middle of nowhere, again, but this time he doesn’t just walk away. The Symbiote explains to Jim that the timing is perfect for their bond to be made, and for Spawn to rise and feast on evil. I liked this a lot because we haven’t seem much of Spawn nor the Symbiote in a while, due to Jim’s ability to resist the suit and him dealing with religious leaders and followers, as well as skeptical ones as well. Plus what K7-Leetha has planned for him is not only revealing a lot about his past, but it also has been another main focus of the comic. The Symbiote says “Your God, the one you all worship, created me the moment he created the universe. Because when he cast his first light on the planets he’d created… He also gave birth to shadows! To darkness! He thought he could harness both light and dark at the same time. But Jesus made sure that would never happen!“. I love this. Whenever comics mention something about religion, especially religious figures in particular, I’m always super intrigued. Religion is something that is a touchy subject, but I love hearing people’s rendition of the stories of the bible, because we ultimately don’t know. But I digress. After the Symbiote’s speech, Jim shows it that he is not just some soul that can be controlled, and fights back on the last page. A fantastic story by creator Todd McFarlane, and all the more better with Szymon Kudranski.

Kudranski’s art style is without a doubt perfect for this book. Spawn is a story of Darkness, Hell, and Death, and no one does that better than Szymon Kudranski. He does a fantastic job at playing with shadows, and has fantastic character art. The Spawn Symbiote looks dark in the most beautiful of ways. With great detail, unique panels and amazing two page spread images, this book is that much better with Kudranski’s dark art. (Cover by Todd McFarlane)

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Rating: ★★★★½ Great

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