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Similar in vein of Superman Earth 2 written by J. Michael Straczynski, Batman Earth 2 tells an origin tale Batman that has no ties to the current DC Universe Batman.  Its a Graphic Novel that anyone can take a peek at without worrying having to ever pick up a Batman comic.  This approach made Superman a best seller and DC is hoping to do the same with Batman.  The Nolan films have made Batman arguably a bigger property than Superman, so I can see this being even more successful than Superman.

Here is a sneak peek of  Batman designed by Jim Lee courtesy of DC as well as some words from Batman Earth 2 editor Pat McCallum.

“Who will Batman kill to save his own daughter?” asks EARTH 2 editor Pat McCallum. “Right out of the gate that should tell you we’re dealing with a different kind of Dark Knight here. More ruthless, dangerous…the costume is familiar and yeah, there is a Wayne under the mask, but we’re looking at a man desperate to save the only family he has left. EARTH 2 is about to become a very bad place to be a bad guy.”

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