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Last Sunday, we had a couple of special guests on the The Spider’s Web Podcast. Emilio Rodriguez and James Rodriguez (No Relation). They visited The Spider’s Web to show off their new book, the flagship title of their own publishing company Novastar Studios Sara Rising.


Writer: Emilio Rodriguez
Penciler: James Rodriguez
Price: $5.99

This giant sized 40 page debut issue was supposed to be exactly that. Like Giant Sized X-Men back in the day, the his wanted it to have that old school introduction feel to thr new character, Sara. Sara is what most of us are, a dreamer. She loves space, geeks out over things a lot, and writes a web comic. She is an Ecuadorean girl, in which Emilio Rodriguez said in the Podcast that it was a conscious decision. Not a lot of main characters are Latina, let alone females. Also, the character was created 10 years ago by Emilio, so if it were to be changed, there was time to, but Sara was meant to be the star of this book. The book starts off with Sara at possibly the worst school ever. It was like if Hitler was the Principal of Degrassi High. Mean girls in skimpy clothing, smoking in the hall like it was mandatory. It was definitely being established that this girls life sucked, every part of it. And on top of that, she had to go to work later and see her perverted, dictator of a boss, Todd. After sneaking away from her terrible fast food job, Sara encounters an alien named Bobarakk who’s pinned under fire by a bunch of alien mercenaries after one thing: The Luminex, which to Sara, is like a Green Lantern ring. Now until this point, the narration has been done by Sara, and it shows her imagination can really run wild, also with the fact that she illustrates a web comic, it sort of makes her a Kyle Rayner of sorts. This first issue establishes the characters, story, and sets up the world beyond earth for Sara and her new companion, Bob. Even though Sara’s dialog is good, I do hope that Bob’s dialog gets better. He doesn’t seem so alien-like in his speech. The story was talked about in full detail in the Podcast, so check that out for more on Sara Rising.


Emilio Rodriguez didn’t only think of the concept 10 years ago, he also illustrated the book. His vision of Sara has been developing over that time, so he knows exactly how he wants her, Bob, and the rest of the universe to look. There were slot of thing i loved about the art, in particular, the mercenaries on the image above. It looks almost like of Shredder was in Crysis 2. Of course there were some issues with the background, but Emilio said that he’s always looking to improve and challenge himself as an artist, which I’m looking forward to seeing the development. Emilio had given life to Sara, conceptually and artistically, and it’s great to see an independent creator see his work come to life on the comic stands.

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Rating: ★★★★☆ Great

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