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Gail Simone’s Red Sonja has had one hell of a Debut, bringing back the people from Red Sonja’s past, to pave the way of her future.

Written by: Gail Simone
Art by: Walter Geovani

Red Sonja leads the charge against her old friend and self proclaimed sister, Dark Anissa. The narrative by Sonja as they fight is wonderfully poetic, which I expected no less from Gail Simone. Right away, the first page is covered with Anissa’s intensity, and following that, an amazing splash page of Sonja gutting Anissa’s horse. The emotion between these characters was very stereoscopic, easily drawing me more into the pages. Gail Simone explains their story once more, about how they were imprisoned and forced to fight to the death with other female warriors. Sonja and Anissa being the last two, actually survived when saved by King Dimath, but Anissa was still trapped, in a way. The souls of the dead warriors they both killed while imprisoned, now follow Anissa, yearning for death in spite. And Red Sonja must pay. Sonja is such a strong female character, so when we see her at a weak point, it’s hard to think its happening at all. That’s what Dark Anissa is for. Sonja fears no man, so to have a male character do what Anissa is doing, wouldn’t really fly with readers. So why not make it a female who cares just as deeply for Sonja as Sonja does her. And we see that when in one panel, Anissa kisses Sonja, which I felt had to be the strongest part of the book. Anissa says “I would have done anything for you” right before she does that. And I think it was perhaps that love, that made Sonja do something that the Red Sonja would never do, but I’ll leave that for you to read. This was one of the best picks unmade this week. I’ve always wanted to read Red Sonja, and to jump on the title right now with a writer like Gail Simone, was very very well worth it.

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Walter Geovani is no stranger to women. Comic book women that is. He’s illustrated Red Sonja before, and he’s back again because he’s damn good at doing it. It takes an amazing artist to perfectly illustrate the emotion penned by the writer, and this book was leaking with it thanks to Geovani. As I mentioned earlier, the splash page was amazing. Very well detailed and very intense. There’s a flashback page that, thanks to Geovani’s character art, shows that Anissa does or did in fact love Sonja. He does a great job distinguishing who’s the focal point in a sea of soldiers fighting, and the expressions on the faces of the women during the kiss was perfectly portrayed. Gail Simone and Walter Geovani make a fantastic comic team.

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Rating: ★★★★★ Excellent

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