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This is a review of RHATO #21, so spoilers do lie ahead.

Red Hood and The Outlaws, written by James Tynion with art by Julius Gopez, so far has been an amazing story about three outcasted Heroes who band together to fight more of the “behind the scenes” crime. They’ve dealt with things as far as demons, to aliens, to spirits and assassins. And through it all, they’ve formed an unbreakable bond that was never truly tested, until now. On their latest adventure they must fight their toughest opponents yet. Each other.

Recently, in Red Hood and The Outlaws #19, S’aru, the proctor affiliated with the All Caste, wiped away Jason’s mind due to his request, and it wasn’t kept secret for long. A bounty was placed on each of Jason, Kori, and Roy’s heads, and Hugo Strange, therapist to Roy Harper, sold him and his friends out to The Untitled- a group of gold like spirits who murdered the All Caste. The whole idea of wiping Jason’s mind to me was sort of needed. A lot of people think its just a simple reboot of Jason Todd, but that character has been established in the DC Universe as a loner and known to have little to do with crisis’ outside of his own problems. But doing this can open up a whole new world for the character to be able to flourish more in the New 52, especially after the events of Death Of The Family.


Meanwhile, the league of assassins kidnap Jason and bring him to ‘Eth Alth’Eban, home of the League of Assassins and where it is said Jason had previously trained. While the The Untitled struck a deal with Roy to storm the home of the League of Shadows, the League has appointed Jason to lead them in the fight against The Untitled, pitting Roy against a mind wiped Jason. Throughout this comic you see that the glue of this team and this friendship is Roy, because he so desperately doesn’t want to lose these people he’s poured his hear out to, but now he’s got to fight Jason, who has forgotten about their friendship.

This comic does a great job of taking three DC characters and making them a great team, while focusing on the individuals as well. If your interested in these characters and this story, then issue #19, #20, and the RHATO Annual #1 is a good jumping on point for fans of the Red Hood.

Rating: ★★★☆☆ Good

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