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The age of Superior Spider-Man is spreading all over the Marvel Universe. From his friends to his foes, to Heroes, and villains such as the deadly Carnage. But this week, he reaches into space, and spreads to a young hero among the stars: Nova.

Writer: Zeb Wells
Penciler: Paco Medina
Price: $3.99

Nova sets out on a mission: to be the hero of New York City! But, it doesn’t exactly turn out that way when he runs into Spider-Man and gets a rude awakening. Spider-Man explains, rudely, that New York doesn’t need any more superheroes, and that he’s way to young to even understand what he’s doing. Spider-Man even calls him “Justin Beeker” trying to make references like Peter Parker, but Octavius is just cant escape being a jerk. Nova says “Wow. Spider-Man’s kind of a !)@#$.” Which is funny because throughout Spider-Man’s history, he’s met a lot of young heroes such as Darkhawk, who he’s inspired and gave the impression that he’s a reliable, good friend. So the idea of bringing a young Nova into a universe with a cut-throat Spider-Man to apply the tough love that every hero needs, was actually a great way to keep that superhero mentor part of Spider-Man alive. Nova flies off to find another city in need of a superhero, and finds his way to L.A,California. Smack dab in the middle of Hollywood, Nova finds a psychotic clown driving an ice cream truck with a female hostage, in which Nova swoops in and saves the day! Sound a little too good to be true? Well that’s because it is, for Nova swooped down and ruined a scene of a movie. Now here’s what I found ultimately most interesting about this: The director looks exactly like Joss Whedon. It was fun to see, including the director who’s actually building the Marvel Movieverse. What’s more interesting is what Joss Whedon says to Nova. He says, “Wait… That attitude. You have something kid. Maybe I can use you in–“, and of course before he can finish, Nova flies off. Now I don’t know if Zeb Wells is just pulling chains, or just wishful thinking. Or if its tease for people who actually read comic book (Specifically Nova of course). It’s something to think about, but probably not something to over speculate. But it would be nice to not only have Nova in Avengers 2, but a young one at that. Because of Marvels deal with Sony, Spider-Man wouldn’t be able to join the Avengers, which takes the young, refreshing, fun part away from the Avengers. Joss Whedon is replacing Ultron’s creator, so replacing Spider-Man with Nova might not be out of the question. The new Nova series is a great title, and it’s definitely with picking up. Zeb Wells is a fantastic writer, and works very well with Nova. Issue #7 is a good point to jump on, especially of you’ve been thinking about it, I would highly recommend it.


Paco Medina is actually one of my personal favorites for any Marvel book. The DC universe is a dark and gritty Universe, but Marvel is colorful and action packed, which sort of explains why the Marvel movies aren’t focused on realism. Paco Medina’s art fits perfectly with Nova and his surrounding universe. Since Nova is young, this book needed an artist that can pull off a sleek young art style, while not being too young looking. The character art is amazing. Spider-Man and Nova himself look very detailed. Medina, with help from colorist David Curiel, applied the lighting and shine perfectly to the characters suits and surroundings. Besides from the story being fun and captivating, the art played a big part in keeping my eyes glued to the pages.

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Rating: ★★★★★ Excellent

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