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Courtesy of USA Today, Marvel Comics has announced All-New Marvel Now, the next step in its Marvel Now initiative which started last year.

Coinciding with the announcement of All-New Marvel Now, Marvel has also announced the new ongoing series All-New Invaders by writer James Robinson and artist Steve Pugh. This comes only a couple of months after Robinson’s departure from Earth 2 at DC Comics, citing editorial problems. Steve Pugh is also known for his DC work, recently working on Animal Man.


Also part of the new initiative is the previously announced Inhuman #1 by Matt Fraction and Joe Madueira.


Preexisting Marvel titles will be getting the “Point Now” treatment, offering new readers fresh jumping on points. Esad Ribic will be joining Jonathan Hickman for Avengers 24.NOW which starts the new Rogue Planet arc for the book. The “Point NOW” books will also come with a free digital download code to catch readers up with previous issues.

Black Widow and Silver Surfer were also mentioned as being crucial characters for All New Marvel Now. Whether or not they will star in new ongoing titles remains to be seen.

All-New Marvel Now is slated to begin starting December 24.

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