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Independent comics get better and better each new series that comes out. Particularly Valiant with X-0 Manowar, and Image Comics with they’re latest release, Lazarus. Wrtitten by Greg Rucka, (Perfect Dark novels, Superman: World of New Krypton, Gotham Central) with art by Michael Lark (Batman: Nine Lives, Gotham Central), this book is among the few I’ve read recently that held my interest front to back. If you like a little government downfall mixed in with your Sci-Fi, you’ll love this.

Forever Carlyle, the female lead of the book who’s just as badass as her name sounds, is part of, and the protector of the Carlyle Family, one of the handful of Families that that rule over the lawless domains of the dystopian near-future. Which is one hell of a big change from the usual Government having control. The hierarchy is a big change as well, it goes from highest to lowest as follows:

Families – rulers over certain domains that contain facilities for harvesting resources. Resources are often coveted by other families

Serf – Slaves that occupy the facilities gathering resources for the families.

Waste – Exactly what the name implies. Stragglers throughout the domains that struggle to survive exploitation by the families.


Forever has the ability to regenerate from severe damage due to advanced cells in her body, so when she gets attacked by Waste and has to regenerate, her thoughts and her morals on killing start to change, change that certain powers don’t want. This whole book had that feel that it’s television type stuff. It was so wonderfully written and had a great pace to it. But not only did the fantastic writing and narrative hook me, the art as well was a perfect match to breath life into the story.

Michael Lark’s art style helps the books tone carry along page by page. I’ve read plenty of great stories that had very out of place art work, and this story isn’t one of those cases. Lark’s style has the feeling of Image Comics in it. It has a sort of Walking Dead type of feeling to it. And with the nice monochrome darkness, the first couple of pages are a strong opening. With the way things are going, it looks like it gonna be another Image hit.

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Rating: ★★★★☆ Great

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