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Marvels next huge event launched this Wednesday in comic book stores around the world. Participating comic stores held release parties of the books release, and this title is well deserved of one. With a whopping 142 pages, this release marks the beginning of the end. This is Infinity.

Written by: Jonathan Hickman
Art by: Jim Cheung

Infinity starts off on the world of Titan. One of Thanos’ outriders returned from the world of Ahl-Agullo, having succeeded in only part of the task it was created for. Now the book starting off on Titan and with Thanos, was a great idea. Besides Thanos’ face being on the cover, we all know what the word “Infinity” means to the Marvel Universe, so I’m glad it didn’t start off with some ridiculous lead-up. I was surprised to see the they were using Captain Universe as part of the main story plot. Whenever Captain Universe is involved, it’s normally a crazy story that actually changes the Universe. And when The Builders, the oldest civilization and children of Captain Universe, make their way to direct evolution, they destroy an entire planet called Galador, along with its heroes, The Knights. Captain Universe is there when it happens, telling two young cowering children that this is the end. And when a great white light destroy the planet, Captain Universe materializes back at The Peak, the Sentient World Observation And Response Department. It’s then that the Avengers find out about the a Builders, starting just one half of this war. This is a war on two fronts, with earth at its center, the other front being, Thanos. Thanos is always looking for something, be it death, or tribute. But this time around he wants something much more the valuable. Secrets. And upon finding out these secrets, he plans his attack on earth, taking advantage of the other side of the war. This played out like a movie, which sort of leads me to believe that, with the recent Avengers: Age Of Ultron announcement, that THIS will be the third Avengers movie. Seeing as how they already used a current comic event as the main title of the next movie. Jonathan Hickman couldn’t have done a better job. This one is for comic book fans. Lately, everything has been about the Avengers movie and the universe surrounding that. Cartoons, comics, all feeding off of that movie, and that’s not what we want. This, is what we want. Brian Michael Bendis tried it twice recently, with Avengers v.s X-Men and Age Of Ultron, but didn’t really “shatter the Marvel Universe” as promised. The only thing that was shattered was the time I spent reading them. Granted they were good, but they only spawned a few good books. Jonathan Hickman takes the Marvel Universe into his hands, and starts his deadly squeeze with issue one of Infinity. If you haven’t picked it up yet, I highly recommend you do.

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Now for a book like this, an event so big, you gotta have a big artist, and who better than Avengers veteran Jim Cheung. With all the hype this book built up, the art was expected to be good. And this book was beautiful. Cheung really helped make this book the fantastic read that it was. The backgrounds were amazing, adding the full cinematic effect to the book. The characters were phenomenal, Thanos himself looking ever so menacing. The panels were very well used, making the story not only easy to read, but enjoyable as well. Cheung is perfect for this title. Sometime Marvel will overplay an event, hiring on an artist that’s draws too realistic. Personally, events like Carnage U.S.A were amazing, but I could’ve gone without the realistic looking art. Cheung pencils Infinity with not realistic, but just great comic art. I can’t wait to see what Cheung will make the universe will look like in later issues.

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Rating: ★★★★★ Excellent

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