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A friend of mine and the owner of my local comic store, have been trying to get me read this series. They tell me it’s one of the best independents out there. And like they said, it was damn good. It’s different, that’s the thing. These days it’s hard to make an independent comic stand out, because most of mainstream (or what others call “Lamestream”) publishers have done something similar and popularized it via their name. But Hellheim by Oni Press takes a brand new idea of Vikings, Frankenstein, and witchcraft, and meshes them together to create one hell of of a comic that will keep you surprised page by page.


Hellheim is the story of a young hero named Rikard who pays the ultimate price in battle. Raised from the dead by the woman he loved, Rikard fights off the hordes of creatures as the Draugr. In this issue written by Cullen Bunn (Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe, The Sixth Gun) with art by Joëlle Jones (Spell Checkers, Fables), though Rikards army is broken, he still fight off Groa’s army easily. Continuing his Frankenstein-like development, he attaches some wings to his back and flies off. Hungry for revenge, he wastes no time seeking it. His father, on the other hand, seeks his own revenge, upon the Draugr, hoping that killing him will put Rikards soul to rest. And as Bera finally meets with Groa through a messenger, Rikard faces Groa with a more, direct approach. This book is one of the reasons I mainly read independent books. It’s so wonderfully written and new, it does nothing less than capture you when you read it. It’s one of those independents that deserves to be known.

Joëlle Jones captures the “Viking Horror” feel perfectly. The character art and the facial expressions are on point in showing how the characters react to the craziness going on around them. And the countless slaughter scenes are done well, if you like gore, then you’ll get your fill here. With a great two page spread, and nicely done panel usage, this issue was not only well written, but very well illustrated.

Special thanks to The Spiders Web comic book store, located at 887A Yonkers Avenue, Yonkers, NY. It’s an amazing store run by an amazing guy who provides me with the books I need, for the reviews you want. Be sure to like it on Facebook and check back for more comic reviews.

Rating: ★★★★☆ Great

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