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Emerging from the Anomaly at the edge of the universe, Relic is out to destroy the corps, before they, according to him, destroy anything else. His presence draining the Lanterns’ powers, Relic’s first attack, is on Elpis, the new home of the Blue Lanterns.

Writer: Justin Jordan
Penciler: Brad Walker
Price: $2.99

Saint Walker, Warth, and.. Giraffe.. Are meditating peacefully, only to be interrupted by the sight of their Entity Adara freaking out and leaving the power battery. It does not take long for this book to get into the action, because right on the next page, Relic’s ship descends down and starts to drain the Blue Lantern Power Battery. Everyone in the universe underestimates Saint Walker, being that he is a Blue light bearer. But if Saint Walker needs to do something, he’ll do it. So when Relic points out that he has no offensive abilities without the light of Resolve, Saint Walker blasts him, and at that very moment, Kyle showed up, surprising Relic with an ‘offensive’ blast to the face. Though Kyle, Carrol, and the Guardians are there, this issue is about the never ending, limitless, and unpredictable hope of the Blue Lanterns. They can’t catch a break, but their hope never wavers, and that shows deeply in this issue. Relic is barely attacking the Lanterns. He’s attacking their minds and emotions, and redirecting their own attacks against them. Saint Walker is hit hard amiss the chaos, and that was sort of the wake up moment for everybody. The Lanterns understand that there is no beating this guy, and Kyle learns that even more so when he’s shown the very reason why, a reason we don’t get to see. The Blue Lanterns step up to the plate, their faith being the focal point of this book. Now I won’t go deeper into what happened, but it’s one of the craziest things to happen thus far since the Rise Of The Third Army story arc. Green Lantern being about the emotional spectrum and its respective colors, I really felt the emotion presented in this story, and it was colorful in ways that made the impact of the story that much more impactful. The light, and the faith of the Blue Lanterns shines its brightest in this issue of Green Lantern New Guardians. Justin Jordan does wonder with the Green Lantern universe, telling the stories of the other Lanterns and expanding the mythos that was set up so well by Geoff Johns. This is a great setup for the coming storyline, Lights Out. This issue was highly recommended to me by a friend of mine, and I’m glad I picked it up.

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Brad Walker’s pencils were phenomenal, especially on Warth. The very first page has a beautiful scene of Elpis and The Blue Lanterns meditating. The art really was one of the strong points of this issue. With the help of Andrew Hennessy’s inks, Green Lantern New Guardians #23 was all around, a great book.

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5 stars

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