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Robert Venditti tackles his first major Green Lantern event, and he most definitely sacked the QB.

Writer: Robert Venditti
Penciler: Billy Tan
Price: $2.99

Now it is always difficult to have to come up with a great event after some one like Geoff Johns. He’s given so much to the Green Lantern Universe, and now someone else has the opportunity to play with it. A villain who’s so called “evil plot” may be in the best interest of the universe, Relic makes his way to Space Sector Zero, home to OA, the precinct of the Green Lantern Corps. Relic is just coming from the destruction he left behind on the home of the Blue Lanterns back in Green Lantern New Guardians #23. He attacked the Blue Lanterns, killing them all except Saint Walker. It was done on a personal level, because explained in this issue, he did it because the Blue Light was the most largely used in his universe. Here in out universe, it’s Green, and of course, Hal Jordan wasn’t having it. We get a little more insight on what’s going on with the entities. Ion, same as the Blue Entity Adara, was forced out of the Central Power Battery and flew away. John Stewart explains that it flew off with the other entities to go home to die. It’s just as a mystery to us as it is our heroes, but it’s definitely the fault of Relic. As also seen in Green Lantern New Guardians #23, Kyle, Carol, and the other Lanterns make their way back to OA. There was a weird bit of jealousy from Hal Jordan when he said “He’s with Carol which I Also intend to ask him about.” It it course seemed like jealousy, but seemed like it wasn’t only coming from him, but his place as Corps leader. Venditti doesn’t hesitate to get right into it, which was what Relic’s attitude towards Hal Jordan’s resistance was. The fight for the light starts, and it actually starts off hopeless. I really find Relics fighting style so poetic and interesting. He doesn’t use anything at his disposal, but instead uses the very light that he’s attacked with against his attackers. While all the while draining the light from his attackers, so a fight with Relic isn’t exactly easy as intergalactic space pie. No offense to Hal, but Kyle had mastered all of the Lights, and if he had a problem, I can’t really imagine Hal doing any better a job. Another handicap the Green Lantern Corps has are the new recruits. With no time to learn to properly wield their rings, Hal and the others don’t exactly have the best support. DC has definitely made it the time of the villains, new and old gaining the upper hand on the heroes, and Relic almost seems like Lantern Kryptonite. This issue really set the tone for the rest f the story to come. Where the unthinkable happens, and hope is quite literally gone, Lights Out is already shaping up to be another great Green Lantern story.


Billy Tan really made this issue a thing of beauty. Two of the most important points of art in a Green Lantern book are the emotions in the character art and backgrounds, and how the artist perceives the Light. And right off the bat on the third page, there is a beautiful panel of Kyle Rayner and his fellow Corps members teleporting through the White Light. At that point, you can tell the rest of the issue was going to look spectacular, and it did. The presence of Relic is powerful, thanks to Tan and the inker and colorist. This was a fantastic story, and it deserved only the best visuals skills, and Billy Tan brought them.

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Rating: ★★★★★ Excellent

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