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In the wake of Trinity War, the New 52 DC Universe prepares for its first universe-wide event: Forever Evil.



Writer: Geoff Johns
Penciler: David Finch
Price: $3.99

Pandora’s box released evil of Earth-Three upon the world. The Crime Syndicate. Ultraman, SuperWoman, Power Ring, Johnny Quick, Deathstorm, Owlman, and Atomica, who posed as the new Earth-One Atom. This is one of the biggest events concerning the true evil of the villains of the DC Universe since Flashpoint, also written by Geoff Johns. Johns knows how to bring a story together, he’s a fantastic storyteller who handles the characters of the DC Universe well. Thousands of comic fans trust any book that has Johns’ name on it, myself included. This first issue sets up the what is to become of the earth as its taken over by the Crime Syndicate, and Earth-one’s own villains. Not only is Batman’s infamous rogues gallery involved, but Flash’s Rogues and Black Manta, and every villain in between have been “recruited” to the Secret Society. There is a lot in this book that shows just how evil and corrupt the Crime Syndicate is. There’s a scene where Ultraman grinds up Kryptonite, and sniffs it like a drug. It was surprising to see, comics nowadays are sort stray from putting things like that into book for the sake of young readers. But i am sort of glad it was in there. Now there isn’t a hero in sight, except for the likes of Batgirl and Nightwing, and the Teen Titans. The Justice League, and all other heroes, according to Ultraman, are dead. And with the heroes gone, evil has its day, and evil from a different universe reigns over our earth with its villains in its clutch. This book really gives some spotlight to a lot of the villains that we don’t get to see so often. Multiplex, Monocle, Starro, and a bunch others that we finally get to see in the New 52 Universe. Geoff Johns has a tendency to reach very deep into DC’s past and give unknown or forgotten characters a chance to be a big part of a much bigger story. It’s really what the New 52 needs. There are subtle things that really put a smile on my face in this issue. When the Penguin is concerned that the Joker isn’t around and may be causing mischief, Bane reassures the Penguin by saying “If the Joker starts anything, Penguin, I will break him the way Batman should have.”. It sort of game me a good chill, I always love anything Bane says, because I imagine it in such a thick, evil Spanish accent. When it comes to understanding villains, Geoff Johns really taps into the character and brings out the best in them. He brings out the best in any character he gets the chance to write really, which makes me excited to know that he’s gonna be handling these Earth-Three characters. Forever Evil is just what the New 52 needed. It’s very own universe wrenching storyline that will redefine this young universe only re-created two years ago. If there’s anyone I trust with a story like this, it’s Geoff Johns.


David Finch had been working very well with Geoff Johns on Justice League of America. And though I love his work on this book, I was surprised Johns didn’t go with Ivan Reis, his usual Penciler on big events. Finch does a fantastic job with each and every one if these characters. Alit was demanded of him being that so many characters appear all at once in one book. The high emotion parts of this issue were very easily recognizable thanks to Finch’s great character art. The presence of evil really emits off the pages, the heavy shading and Richard Friends Inks. I especially liked how SuperWoman looked. I always found her more attractive looking than Wonder Woman in some way, and Finch did it just right. I was especially impressed by the way Owlman looks. A lot of people’s image of him is still the Justice League Unlimited version, but he looks way more badass here. Finch is on the same level with Johns when it comes to the evil In the DC Universe, and this team is definitely going to deliver a universe changing story since the likes if Flashpoint.

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Rating: ★★★★★ Excellent

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  • Louis Lesnak

    The clashing ideals of the villians we love to hate is really what is going to make this such a fantastic event. Not only is it such a great plot but we really get to see how the villians get to really react with Johns’ writing. For me Bane really made this issue stand out for me. He’s such an iconic villain within comics and with Johns writing him in the story it makes him come off the page. I am in great anticipation for the next issue.