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Avatar is known for their infectious and sex filled titles, and Ferals is no different. Now I don’t tend to read such explicit books, but I’m a stickler for a good story, and Ferals is quite captivating.

Written by David Lapham with art by Gabriel Andrade, this issue of Ferals focuses on General Arthur, and his struggle to keep his feral side hidden. After attacking his wife, it’s been difficult, and recent events haven’t helped, at all. Trying to prevent putting troops in harms way, General Arthur sets off to see Bob Harver of the CIA, but instead gets his assistant, Frida Lunde instead. General Arthur’s business venture quickly gets out of hand when he’s invited to a hotel by Frida, and accepts. Aiming to reveal his feral side, Frida tries to talk him into it, but the General wont have it. When he finally gets to see Bob, he sees that Frida has turned him feral, and explains that she is one as well, and that the General should embrace it. At this point it just seems that all Frida wants is sex, but there is much more going on as the General learns to embrace his Feral origins. This issue was good, but it seems that the story in this series is only carried along by big reveal endings. It’s and interesting read, but it’s definitely an acquired taste.

Feral Cover

This series focuses on the savage, hairy and the bloody, and Gabriel Andrade does a great job at focusing the art on those points. The character art and their expressions are great, and the naked art is well done as well. The art seems to be the strong point of this issue.

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Rating: ★★★☆☆ Good

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