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I don’t really read other Batman titles other than Detective Comics. But my train delayed today and I figured I’d read something on the Comixology app. I searched for something to read when I passed by a familiar title, The Legends of The Dark Knight. I’ve seen the collected editions of this Digital First on the shelves of my local comic store, but I figured it was just another Batman title. But it was a little more than that, and I enjoyed, a lot.

Written by Derek Fridolfs (Batman Beyond Unlimited, Batman: Arkham Unhinged) with art and cover by Jason Shawn Alexander (Arkham City: End Game, Abe Sapien), this issue is part two of the story arc, “The Beautiful Ugly”, and mainly focused on Harvey Dent, aka Two Face. A man named Aiden King is kidnaped along with his girlfriend and brought to a trial held by Two Face himself, who is also the prosecutor. He explains that, while on a theft job for the Penguin, a rookie security guard was killed, and Mr. King must pay for his crimes. His girlfriend doesn’t believe he’s a killer, but Two Face shows her otherwise. I’m a little biased towards anything written by Fridolfs. I immediately love it, but that’s because he’s a fantastic writer and has written some of my favorite Batman titles, and this just might be heading to that list. Fridolfs writes a great Two Face, making it clear when Harvey Dent is talking, and when he switches to that Two Face personality. This had a very dark tone to it, and it was only made darker by the Jason Shawn Alexander’s fantastic art.

legend of the Dark Knight

J. Alexander is a master of dark arts. Not magic of course, but his ability to make his art resonate with such eeriness and darkness. I mentioned in my recent review, The House of Gold and Bones, i said that J. Alexander would have been perfect for the art of that book because it was a cryptic and dark comic, but he only did the cover. But that mistake wasn’t made here, he’s perfect for The Dark Knight. We see Batman is the Justice League and in cartoons and movies, and none of those really play on the fact that Batman is a very dark character and deals with some dark things, but J. Alexander does. His dark tones and eerie but excellent character art made this book so much more enjoyable. It’s just another reason why this book was good. THIS is a Batman comic.

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Rating: ★★★★☆ Great

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