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Detective Comics has one of my favorite story lines so far in comics. The return of the 80’s villain, Wrath, has changed the game not only for Batman, but for Bruce Wayne as well.

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Written by John Layman with art by Jason Fabok, Batman comes face to face with Wrath after the discovery of the body of Scorn, Wraths former sidekick. Wrath does probe to be a bit of a step ahead of Batman, having slightly more advanced tech than him. Coming up short as Batman, Bruce decides to come face to face with E.D Caldwell, a.k.a, Wrath. I separate the two from their secret identities because they are totally different people in the way they address things. E.D Caldwell is essentially the Anti – Bruce Wayne, as much as Wrath is the Anti – Batman. Now, in a very Ken Masters sort of way, E.D Caldwell asks Bruce to join him in a sparing session on the roof, being the only way he can think. Bruce is obviously holding back not trying to reveal that he can fight, figuring Caldwell would see the connection to Batman. Bruce’s point of this meeting: Get Alfred to bypass Caldwell’s private elevators to search for evidence of him being Wrath. And to see what exactly he’s up to. Now I won’t go any deeper into the book, because its such a great climax for the arc, as well as the ending of the book. This issue really played out like an episode of a Batman television series. The pace was fantastic and John Layman knows how to write a great Batman. He really takes the title “Detective” and applies it like it should be. It’s narrative is extremely smart, and the build up is delivers in the end. This is one of the many reasons why this is my particular Batman title.

The art by Jason Fabok is flawless. He hits every point that should be hit by any artist. The backgrounds are phenomenal, and the character art is just great. The contrast between the characters and the background is important when the background is detailed, but Fabok has it covered. Batman looks like the gritty detective that this title deserves. The panels are perfect done, and the detail on both Wrath and Batman’s suits are amazing, clearly showing the difference between Wrath, the weapons monger, and Batman, Gotham’s peacekeeper.

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Rating: ★★★★★  Excellent

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