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Of all the Batman titles, this is my favorite. It’s DC’s flagship title and features some of the greatest Batman stories of the New 52. Sure Scott Snyder’s Batman had The amazing Death of The Family storyline, but Detective Comics set that up with their first story arc. But i digress. Detective Comics is now written by one of the greats, John Layman (Chew, Marvel Zombies V.S The Army of Darkness), with art by Jason Fabok (Superman/Batman, Batman: The Dark Knight), and this new story arc has to be one of my favorites so far in any of the books I read.

Detective Comics

John Layman and Jason Fanok bring back an old 80’s villain and give him the most badass look and attitude ever. Originally sporting an all purple costume, Wrath makes his New 52 debut with the looking like Batman fused with Deathstroke, which is again, badass. Wrath is essentially the anti-Batman. Everyone normally asks, “wasn’t Hush the anti-Batman?”, most people forgetting Wrath even existed. But he wasn’t really, Hush was more anti-Bruce Wayne. Thomas Elliot was Bruce Wayne’s best friend, and his life ultimately affected by Bruce and his family, so though he knew that he was Batman, Bruce is who Hush had the problem with, unlike Wrath who has a problem with Batman. This issue starts off with Bruce meeting with E.D Caldwell, who longtime Batman readers will know what the E stands for, and who he really is, (But I won’t ruin it!). Caldwell is trying to buy Wayne enterprises, but Bruce respectfully declines. Then Batman has to chase down a cop killer, and the trail leads him to a young man in league with Wrath, called Scorn, or anti-Robin if you will. Inexperienced, Scorn is caught by Batman, and because of this, his lead on the man he’s looking for gets hotter. Disappointed in Scorn, Wrath decides his fate at the end of the book. This was so well written and had a fantastic pace, this is easily a classic, but that’s not only due to Layman’s great storytelling, but Jason Fabok’s amazing artwork.

Jason Fabok was a perfect match for a story like this. Not only were the backgrounds and foregrounds so well done, but the character art and facial expressions were so great, it gave this book what it needed to be That much more of a fantastic comic. With beautiful full page artwork and great panel usage, Jason Fabok is easily one of the best Batman artists I’ve seen.

This book also features a second story in the back, Man-Bat in: My Better Half, written by John Layman with art by Andy Clark. This story shows Kirk Langstrom ridding himself of the Man-Bat serum, but still feeling the effects of it, and has small bursts of transformations. After being questioned for murders believed to be done by Man-Bat, we find out who really has been using their own version of the Man-Bat serum, and commuting violent murders.

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Rating: ★★★★☆  Great

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