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Brian Michael Bendis once again drastically shakes the Marvel Universe with the conclusion of the latest Marvel Event – Age of Ultron. With the help of Tony Stark, the Avengers, and a pre-recorded video of himself to himself, Henry Pym successfully installs a backdoor virus program into Ultron and shuts him down, for good. It was sort of an emotional ending for Ultron, because as he realized his downfall was imminent, he says “I hate you father”, then he falls from the sky and is shattered to prices by Thor. There a panel where Pym looks sad,which is understandable because not only was Ultron his greatest work, but he in a way loved him, and i sure that last line from Ultron hurt. He created am A.I that had the ability to feel, and in the end, all it felt was hate for its creator.


Upon Ultron’s defeat, the reality of things was affected when the multiverse was damaged due to Wolverines time travel and destroying Ultron. Damaging the wall that keeps the universes apart, things escaped, and things came through. Galactus from Earth-616 has set his sights on the Ultimate Earth, and will be doing so in the new four issue mini-series Hunger by Josh Fialkov (Echoes, I, Vampire) and Leonard Kirk (Supergirl, Witchblade). Also coming is a new series, part of the Marvel Now: Wave Two, is Avengers A.I, a new series by Sam Humphries and Andre Lima Araujo taking place after the events of Age of Ultron.


But here is my favorite part of Age of Ultron‘s conclusion. The damaging of the multiverse went further than normal, and a new character enters the Marvel Universe. Neil Gaiman is writing Guardians of The Galaxy, and he’s introducing Angela, a character created by him and Todd McFarlane who was originally created and first appeared in comics as a Spawn villain. In 2002, Gaiman filed a suit against McFarlane for the rights to Angela and other characters he co-created. McFarlane wanted full rights to all characters, but they were split 50/50. In 2012, both men settled their dispute, and Gaiman was given full ownership of Angela. Since she died in the battle with Malebogia in Spawn issue #100, she hasn’t been around, so I’m guessing a sort of heaven that’s multi-universal. I’m not sure how they’ll explain it, all i do know is that her creator and original writer is bringing her back, so it will be the Angela we’ve known and loved. Now I don’t read Guardians of The Galaxy, but now I definitely will.

Guardians of the Galaxy

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