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“Solomon Grundy born on a Monday”

Grundy 1

From DC collectable Batman Arkham City Deluxe Solomon Grundy. This massive figure measures at 13 inches and is the largest figure from the Arkham City line.

So let’s start with packaging. He comes in the standard white cardboard box that the other deluxe figure come in. The detail on this guy is crazy. From the veins around is arms and legs and his face sculpt is creepy as hell. Also the detail on his clothes are very well done. It shows the era in which Grundy originally died in.

Grundy 4

Articulation on Grundy is somewhat lacking, but anyone familiar to DC collectibles is no stranger to this fact. Grundy has 11 points of articulation, the shoulders rotate 360 due to the tattered selves being a flexible rubber that doesn’t hinder the movements at all. He has a cut joint above the elbow, which bends, and both wrist can rotate. Grundy does not have any waist movement but his knees and legs both can swing outward and pivot. Finally his head can do a full 360 and has a slight up/down motion.

While Grundy doesn’t come with any accessories he has a gimmick that does this undead foe justice . His chest piece is removable to show a well sculpted chest cavity complete with removable heart the inside of the chest piece is also sculpted.

The price point is around $90 which is a tad on the pricey side for a figure that really doesn’t do much but having said that I think that is you can afford it Solomon Grimsby makes a amazing addition to your Arkham collect just for the sheer mass of him alone makes him standout in any self.

Grundy 9

Grundy 2

Grundy 14

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