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In 2012 the Avengers and X-Men went toe to toe with each other in a massive storyline aptly titled Avengers VS X-Men, or AVX for short.  The story line was met with mixed reaction.  I for one loved it and thought it was a fitting conclusion to years worth of stories that began with House of M.  Later this year the big two will have to team up to battle the Axis of Evil, a group of villains lead by Red Skull in Onslaught form and includes, Sabretooth, Doctor Doom, Loki, Green Goblin, and Carnage.  The story line will be written by Rick Remender who bring bring elements from his current run on Uncanny Avengers which features members of both Avengers and X-Men already as a team.

I’m a fan of Events in comics, especially when it involves the X-Men.  No artist has been announced for the project yet, but there maybe a hint that Jim Cheung will be tasked for the job.  Diamond features a preview of the AXIS line up drawn by Cheung.  Check it out below.


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