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This story just gets better and better. It really makes you think, and leaves you asking questions. Clive Barker once again creates a story that tests faith and humanity. Next Testament continues as a cruel God named Wick terrorizes man.

Written by Clive Barker (Hellraiser)and Mark Miller (Kick-Ass), with art by Haemi Jang, this issue pick up right after issue #2, where Wick kills an old woman at a dinner party to make a point. Though he explained himself as God, the human reaction to public killing, is to run. But that don’t get too far, for Wick condemns them all to death. Though Julian’s son and his wife escape, he doesn’t stop Wick from going after them. Julian’s son seeks help in Providence, Rhode Island, but Wick has other plans for him. This issue really brought out the cruelty of God. Killing people left and right, in the most disturbing ways. It definitely felt like Clive Barker. I really want to see where this is going to go, because there hasn’t been many comics or other renditions of God that have been this extreme. The pace of this book definitely made the ending impact strong. If your feeling a little blasphemous, jump on this title.

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A lot was demanded of Haemi Jang this issue, and she delivers with no problem. Previously working with Clive Barker on Hellraiser, you can see the chemistry in the story and art. The amount of blood and gore I’m the fist few pages of the book is uncanny. Mutilated bodies and bodily fluids everywhere. She gets the job done with amazing detail, and continues to make Wick look ever so mysterious. Her background game is great, as well as her character art. Expression is important in this book because, well, God’s walking around killing people. Another issue well done.

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Rating: ★★★★½ Great

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