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Of all the things that I find fascinating, Religion is a big one. When I was about 14, I wouldn’t do anything with my friends on Sunday unless I went to church. I enjoyed reading the bible and discussing it. Then as time passed, I realized that in order to love God, I don’t have to go to church and give money, (at least I don’t think so), I just have to love him and name him my one true God. But what happens when questions arise? When faith wavers and you need answers? You read. And that’s what I did. I read a lot of books and i love reading anything that has someone else’s point of view about the Bible, and that includes this comic. It’s a fresh new take on God and what the Old Testament really was, and Gods actual plan for us.

Next Testament

Next Testament is written by Clive Barker and Mark Miller and is exactly what it sounds like. In order, it would be Old Testament, New Testament, then the Next Testament. And in this story, a man named Julian Deamon finds God, literally. The man he finds calls himself Wick, Father of Colors, and says that he’s been locked away since the time of Abraham, in which he explains that Abraham promised him his undying love, but never was able to receive it due to Issac being born. Wick wanted Issac to die so he asked Abraham to sacrifice Issac, but another Lord told Abraham Not to sacrifice Issac to Wick. And he was betrayed, and banished to a colorless void. So anything beyond that point in the bible he has nothing to do with and thinks nothing of it. When Julian finds him, Wick immediately kills all the people helping Julian on his expedition, showing that all the mercy of the forgiving God in the New Testament is but a story told by others. Already I found the beginning of this book interesting. Yes I believe in God, but I’ve always been on the fence about the bible, and it’s things like this that make me question just what that book is really about. Julian throws a dinner party to introduce Wick to his closest friends and colleagues. Wick looks like a human shaped water color paint set, so people are confused, and don’t believe he’s God. After long speeches and countless accusations and jokes made, someone asks for a miracle, and Wick, points and a lady, and she explodes. I love this because we go to church and we are taught that God is good and forgiving, but tell no stories of his cruelty. So there are different avenues like novels, or comic books in this case, that let people show you how cruel God can be, and it makes for an interesting read. I think this is a great book and its quite brave of Barker and Miller. There are a couple of comics out there that have different interpretations of Jesus, but almost none if not any about God himself. If your interested in religion with an open mind, and want a great story, definitely pick this up.

The artwork is done by Haemi Jang, in which he does a great job with giving the book that religious and weird feeling as you read it. Jang does a great job with the expressions in the book, which is important because of the reaction to Wick that the characters experience. Wick is multicolored and very odd looking, and Jang being able to capture that well was great. It makes the book great to read and aesthetically pleasing.

Special thanks to The Spiders Web comic book store, located at 887A Yonkers Avenue, Yonkers, NY. It’s an amazing store run by an amazing guy who provides me with the books I need, for the reviews you want. Be sure to like it on Facebook and check back for more comic reviews.

Rating: ★★★★☆ Great

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