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Lately there has been controversy surrounding the release of Catwoman #1 of the New DC 52.  The interwebs have been talking about the over-sexualization of the comic.  Most people were up in arms about it while some weren’t bothered by it.  I figured I would put my two cents in, but I won’t go off on a long rant like other sites have done.

Catwoman has become an icon for both comic readers and mainstream alike.  I guarantee you that if you ask someone who never picked up a Batman comic in his/her life if they ever heard of Catwoman, they would say yes.  Either from TV shows, movies or video games, they have seen her somewhere.  But what do all those iterations of her have in common?  They were all overly sexualized.  So when a Catwoman book comes along showing her in various sexy poses, why are people surprised by that in the first place?

Other Iterations of Catwoman


I was listening to a podcast on another site, really bashing DC for putting out ‘this Garbage’ and somehow it really made me angry. Are you telling me in all the years of reading comic books, watching movies, playing video games and what ever other medium in entertainment this person chooses to indulge in, they have never experienced sexualized character in one of their favorite stories?  To that I say Bulls**t.  Even one of the most popular Batman stories Hush featured a very sexy Catwoman.   She even makes out with Batman in it for Christ sakes.

Even Red Hood and the Outlaws #1 have come under fire for including a very sexy Star Fire.  We really need to stop harping on sexuality in the media.  Especially when some of those same critics gave Wonder Woman and a slew of other comic books that featured beheadings and other severance of limbs a pass.  We can’t possibly say that we prefer blood and guts instead of acts of sexuality.

Would you rather see this:

Or this:

Grow up people, we are not children anymore.

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