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The long awaited Zero Issue of Bloodshot is finally here. Valiant has been flawless from day one of their relaunch, and the Zero Issues have only made each and every one of their books better. Issue Zero of Bloodshot is as good as any point to jump onto Valiant if you haven’t already.

Writer: Matt Kindt
Penciler: ChrisCross
Price: $3.99

Bloodshot #0 is a narrative by a scientist named Rees, who was hired to give Bloodshot a conscience. Before, it explains that Bloodshot was just a killing machine who followed orders all too well. The very first page shows Bloodshot killing a mother and her baby, because they were in the way. It showed how ruthless he was, and how much giving him a conscience was needed. The book is sort of the Evolution of Bloodshot, in how they show different Bloodshots. In Vietnam, they perfected the technology and made Bloodshot fully repairable and adaptable. Before they, Bloodshot and its technology were expendable, being how limited the technology was. In the 90’s, they show how we have the Bloodshot we have today, filled with other soldiers memories for motivation. It was interesting to see the origins of one of Valiants flagship characters. It’s a really good history lesson for people who want to understand just what Bloodshot is, and how he came to be. There are a lot of readers who won’t read a book, strictly because they haven’t heard of the story before, they don’t know about the character. Valiant has been doing a great job, and have reached their old and more open minded readers. I liked how they brought the backstory into the modern launch of the title. Showing and naming the man responsible for the evolution of Bloodshot, and having the book narrated by the diary of the man who did it. Rees seems sort of regretful of what he’s done, tampering with human life and memories. Ultimately creating a monster. But he seemed sort of proud in a way, that such things can be achieved. He wondered if he had succeeded, in putting a mind into a monster.This issue was poetic until the very end, especially the end. It ties up perfectly with issue #1, which valiant re-released in their One Dollar Debut Bundle along with four of their other launch titles. Bloodshot #0 isn’t only for the Valiant fans, but for anyone who’s a fan of comics, a fan of great stories.

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Chris Cross not only has a cool name, but he can illustrate the hell out of Bloodshot. The blood and gore that come with this title was perfectly handled in this issue. Bloodshot himself looks amazing, really well done by Cross making him appear as the monster e originally was. You can definitely see a conscience being in the current Bloodshot, but Cross’s Bloodshot is perfectly savage, reminiscent of the 90’s original. Cross’s background art is on point and his ability to capture emotion so well in his character art is amazing. As much as the narrative was good, it was still narrative, and Cross’s art definitely makes up for it and carries the book strait to near perfect.

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Rating: ★★★★½ Great

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