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Superman #23.2 Featuring Brainiac

Superman #23.2 Featuring Brainiac by Pascal Alixe

Pascal Alixe’s art in this issue is just stellar. His scratchy and gritty line-work almost gives off a Gary Frank of Jerome Opena feel. Not to mention that the detail he manages to showcase in this panel in particular (exemplified in the steampunk attire of the woman) is truly out of this world.

X-Men #5

X-Men #5 by David López

Yeah Cyclops, that was TOTALLY an accident. Surrrre.

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The Flash #23.2 featuring The Reverse Flash by Scott Hepburn

When I heard that Francis Manapul wasn’t going to be drawing the Reverse Flash Villain’s Month issue, I was pretty bummed. But lo and behold, Scott Hepburn completely blows this issue out of the water. Hepburn’s art practically jumps off the page, with each panel portraying a sense kinetic energy that sparks throughout the book.

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The Walking Dead #114 by Charlie Adlard

Yes, there is now a tiger in The Walking Dead and yes, you should still be reading this book.

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Detective Comics #23.2 featuring Harley Quinn by Neil Googe

Neil Googe’s art throughout this issue perfectly mirrors Harley Quinn’s fractured mentality. The designs and art are extremely cartoony and perky, yet at the same time depict heinous and violent acts that would even make the Joker cringe.

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Justice League #23.2 featuring Lobo by Ben Oliver

Here he his is everyone. The new, and in my opinion, improved Lobo. Ben Oliver’s art in this issue should dispel any thoughts that Lobo has now been “Twilightified”. This is the same sarcastic, immoral, and downright vile intergalactic mercenary we all know. He’s just slimmed down a bit.

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Indestructible Hulk #13 by Matteo Scalera

Matteo Scalera is absolutely perfect for this book. Most people assume the Hulk is just some lumbering behemoth who punches things. He isn’t. The Hulk will run you over in the blink of an eye like a gamma irradiated bullet, and Scalera shows off the pure speed of the Hulk through his art.

Action Comics #23.2 by Ken Lashley

Action Comics #23.2 featuring Zod by Ken Lashley

In Action Comics this week, we are treated to Zod’s New 52 origin story, and let’s just say that the guy has some serious problems. Lashley’s ability to draw such a deranged and evil little kid makes the reader feel absolutely zero sympathy for Zod. The detail, specifically in the dozens of shattered wood fragments splintering off Zod’s makeshift shiv, makes this issue one of this week’s best.

Avengers Arena #15 by Kev Walker

Avengers Arena #15 by Kev Walker

Kev Walker is a master of expression. Every character throughout Avengers Arena has a distinct feel and look to them, and his expression work really brings the vibrant cast to life. The blurred vignette effect in this panel almost gives a 3D feel to the page, and he didn’t have to make a special cover to achieve it.

The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys #4 by Becky Cloonan

The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys #4 by Becky Cloonan

I cannot say anything bad about Becky Cloonan’s art in The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys #4. It’s just perfect. The handwritten sound effects really make the book throughout, and the art helps bring to this dystopian world to life.

Batman and Robin #23.2 featuring the Court of Owls by Jorge Lucas

Batman and Robin #23.2 featuring the Court of Owls by Jorge Lucas

Jorge Lucas should draw a Court of Owls book every month. His art is constantly shrouded in overwhelming darkness, making it feel like anyone could be hiding in the shadows watching you and waiting.

Avengers #19 by Leinil Francis Yu

Avengers #19 by Leinil Francis Yu

Leinil Yu can draw the hell out of a group of robots. Each sharp edge and corner can be seen in every robot in the book. It’s amazingly intricate and detailed. Also, his Captain Marvel kicks ass.

Batman: The Dark Knight #23.2 featuring Mr. Freeze by Jason Masters

Batman: The Dark Knight #23.2 featuring Mr. Freeze by Jason Masters

Jason Master’s art is astonishingly gruesome in this issue. Mr. Freeze’s expression is consistently cold and numb, showing no emotion even while shattering the heads of a group of frozen cannibals. This scene in particular is especially chilling.

Batman #23.2 featuring The Riddler by Jeremy Haun

Batman #23.2 featuring The Riddler by Jeremy Haun

The Riddler does not like it when you touch him. Jeremy Haun manages to draw a cool and collected Nigma, while on one page he eats a cup of yogurt, but he can also flip the switch showing how crazed and dangerous The Riddler can become.

Aquaman #23.1 featuring Black Manta by Claude St. Aubin

Aquaman #23.1 featuring Black Manta by Claude St. Aubin

It’s great to know that the Belle Reve Supermax Penitentiary keeps every super villain’s gear neatly placed in lockers for them to take when they escape. It’s like a coat check for crazies.



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